Isotopes for research and development from Copenhagen Biotech Supply ApS.

Our main supplier is American Radiolabeled Chemical (ARC) famous for the worlds largest stock of radiolabelled chemicals - many of these are exclusive from ARC. We have had several orders from ARC and the delivery is fast – typically within one week. We share our distributor margin with you and offer 10% discount on listprices in Euro found on ARCs homepage. This means that you have to multiply the prices on ARC’s homepage with 6.75 DKK to find our price.

Hartmann Analytic GmbH in Germany has build a strong expertice in production of special products – or selling products in smaller batches. As an example Hartman Analytics offers to keep your DNA oligo from batch to batch if to often needs to the the same DNA oligo radiochemical labelled.

Import and sale of radiolabeled chemicals is regulated by the danish National Institute of Radiation Protection (Statens Institut for Stålebeskyttelse – www.sis.dk) – and rules exist, you have to follow. It’s not so complicated, and on this page the rules are described, and we provide links and explanation to formulars that has to be used when importing larger amount of radioactivity.

On ARCs homepage the following catagories are found

Autoradiography Standards (98)
14C-Labeled Compounds (3134)
3H-Labeled Compounds (2521)
Calcium-45 (5)
Chlorine-36 (9)
Chromium-51 (8)
Iodine-125 (176)
Iron-55 (4)
Iron-59 (4)
Phosphorus-32 Labeled Compounds (75)
Phosphorus-33 Labeled Compounds (29)
Strontium-85 (4)
Sulfur-35 (58)

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